BeFit WHEY™ – Delicious Whey Isolate and Casein Combination

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One of the best ways to recover properly after exercise is refueling with high quality protein. BeFit Whey protein is a delicious way to replenish your muscles and satisfy your hunger at the same time.

  • 22g of Protein
  • 100 Calories
  • GMO, Sugar and Gluten Free

Whey Isolate and Micellar Casein Blend

BeFit™ WHEY PROTEIN is a great ally to help you satisfy cravings, curb hunger, and help your muscles recover after workouts. It is also great for on-the-go shakes, which fit nicely into your busy lifestyle. Additionally, BeFit™ WHEY PROTEIN is great for baking, making pancakes, smoothies and a variety of other tasty treats!*

BeFit™ WHEY PROTEIN helps satisfy your appetite and supports muscle recovery by combining two different types of protein into one delicious, naturally flavored powder. Whey protein isolate is quickly digested and absorbed, helping you feel full faster. Casein protein is considered a slow-release protein, which enable the naturally occurring amino acids a longer window of time to help muscles recover. The combination of whey and casein in one supplement means you’re getting the best of both worlds.*

The Science Behind It: Protein

Phenomenal Taste/ Sweetened with Stevia

Proteins are important for weight loss and exercise recovery because they provide the body with the amino acids that are necessary for the formation of new muscle and help protect muscle while dieting. However, not all dietary proteins provide the same benefits. Casein and whey, the major proteins found in milk, both provide all of the essential amino acids, but they are distinct from one another in that whey is digested quickly and casein is digested slowly. What does this mean for your nutrition plan? You need both whey and casein to maximize the benefits of natural milk proteins.*

Whey encourages protein synthesis

Because whey travels through the digestive system quickly, it creates a significant increase in plasma amino acids in a brief period of time. This results in an increase in protein synthesis without affecting protein breakdown. The high levels of leucine found in whey further stimulate protein synthesis, A process that burns through quite a few calories. In addition, it stimulates fatty acid oxidation(fat burning).*

Achieve a positive protein balance with casein

The most abundant protein in milk, casein on its own is relatively insoluble. Because of this insolubility, it forms structures called micelles that make it more soluble in water. When milk is processed, casein peptides and micelle structures are broken up and a gelatinous material is formed, making it more difficult for humans to digest and also helps curb appetite. This results in a slow, steady release of amino acids into the bloodstream. *

Whey and casein work better together

The combination of a rapid increase in protein synthesis from whey and reduced protein breakdown from casein is ideal for dieting and strength training. Consuming a combination of whey and casein one hour before and immediately after exercise can provide the protein balance you need for effective training. Research demonstrates that the combination of these proteins while taken as part of an exercise program supports greater decreases in body fat and greater increases in lean muscle.*



7 reviews for BeFit WHEY™ – Delicious Whey Isolate and Casein Combination

  1. Diana
    5 out of 5


    Whey Protein – Chocolate

    BeFiT Chocolate Whey Protein is my new favorite! It tastes great and is filling. I like to have it for breakfast after a workout and I usually mix it in the blender with almond milk and a banana.

  2. Diana
    5 out of 5


    Whey Protein – Vanilla

    This BeFiT whey protein mixes very easily and is delicious. Sometimes I just mix it with water in a shaker cup if I’m in a hurry. It’s even better when I have time to make a meal of it by adding peanut butter, a banana, skim milk and a few ice cubes.

  3. 5 out of 5


    nice subtle flavor, easily mixed in a shaker cup, no bloating or digestive issues, definitely one of the best whey proteins I’ve ever tried! Enjoying it for breakfast and post-workouts!! You NEED this in your nutrition plan!!!!

  4. 5 out of 5


    I love BeFit whey because it really does taste good, not chalky at all, has smooth texture, mixes great and is a high quality powder I can feel good about feeding my body.

  5. 5 out of 5


    BeFit Whey Protein is a critical component in my nutrition plan. So easy to mix up as a breakfast shake and tastes great. Add this top quality, all natural supplement to your daily regimen and keep yourself lean.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I LOVE BeFit WHEY! I have tried a lot of others and couldn’t find one that I liked until I found this one. It has amazing flavor and mixes really well. I have it each morning after my 5am workout and it keeps me full until mid-morning.

  7. 5 out of 5


    This BeFit Whey is a very tasty protein powder, that mixes well with either water or milk. It’s a blend of whey and casein, which means it gives a longer lasting energy. The whey is absorbed more quickly, the casein takes longer to digest. The best thing: no added sugar and no artificial sugar either. It’s sweetened with all-natural stevia. It’s great for breakfast, and gives me energy until lunch. It’s also ideal for a snack later at night, to deliver muscle-building protein while you sleep. I’d go with straight whey just after a workout, though. I’ve tried lots of protein powders. This one’s quite good. Reviewed on

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: • Within 20 minutes post workout • As a meal replacement • As an in-between meals shake

A: In order to get the chocolate flavor just right it requires both flavoring and cocoa. Vanilla, just requires flavoring to achieve a great taste. The cocoa adds about 1 gram per serving.